The ideal environment for professional interpreters and students

To train yourself or relying on the community

Record, share, challenge, dare yourself...and much more!


What do we offer?

Thousands of speeches

Find speeches from every field and in every language

Record and assess yourself

Record yourself, listen to your performance and learn to assess it

Multiple opinions

Share your prets with the community to get feedback

Self-assigments sheets

Test yourself

Check trending topics

See what others are interpreting

Challenge your friends

I bet you can't finish this speech!

Practice your deduction skills

Deduce context from news title

Shared glossaries

One place for you and your team glossaries

Who is it for

Interpreting students

Learn by doing and feel like an interpreter from the safety of your own home, until you are ready to get into the booth and apply what you've learnt. You'll be able to offset the anxiety so typical of interpreting students with unlimited practice and will benefit from the knowledge of more experienced interpreters and interpreter-trainers.

Professors and universities

Improve your teaching experience by letting technology enter your classroom. Send out, receive, and grade assignments, implement virtual rooms for the teaching-and-learning dialogue, foster peer-to-peer cooperation, and monitor your students' progress. This innovative software will compensate for the reduced contact hours and help your interpreting students gain autonomy.

Professional interpreter

Prepare yourself easily before any conference and be the most well-fitted professional any client could ask for. A cost-effective preparation tool specially suited to enhance the performance of freelance interpreters who offer their services in different fields and have to master a new topic every month.


Alba Collado


Professional translator and educator (En/It/De>Es/Cat). Passionate about languages with great experience working in multicultural environments.

I can make you laugh in five languages.

Marco A. Pajares


Marco A. Pajares is a computer programmer, passionate about tech and JS world, newbie entrepreneur, former game developer, Carlos III former pupil and currently, Frontend developer in Smaato, Hamburg, Germany.

I can follow the white rabbit ... in JS










No. (for the moment) It is a place to develop and improve your interpretative skills
No, there are premium features thou
Nope. It is for people interested on language acquisition
Everyone is welcome!


November 2013

Thesis? Too big...

'Keep this idea for the future'
May 2015

Interpreter meets engineer

Why not create the best platform for interpreters?
June 2015

First prototype

Only the basics
September 2015

We have a domain! is working
January 2016

First flows

Creating tags, links and expressions
August 2016

Rewriting the project: from Angular to React

Moving to latest technologies
September 2016

SSL: A secure layer

Security first
October 2016

Embedded Forum

Share your progress!
January 2017

Beta release

April 2017

1st Webinar

How to train your skills with interpretame
June 2017

Crowdfunding Campaign

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July 2017

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